Subscription Management via Text

Simplify your Flower Subscription with SMS Reminder & Modifications

When you purchase one of Flowers Gold Coast's amazing Subscription Bouquets, we offer the ability to maintain and manage your Flower Subscriptions with optional SMS Reminder & Modification options all done from the comfort of your phone! *This service is for existing customers of Flower Subscriptions, if you would like to purchase a subscription, have a look here! 


  • Info
  • Your next order of Stunning Fresh Flower Subscription for $89.00 is scheduled for Mar 20 Reply 'Modify Order' to make changes 😊
  • Modify order
  • Hi Victor, please reply with a number to modify your upcoming Mar 20 order of Fresh Flowers
    1. Swap Styles
    2. Skip Upcoming Order
    3. Update Quantity
    4. Update Billing Info
    5. Update Shipping Address
    6. Update Next Charge Date
    7. Add One-Time Item
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  • Hey Victor - Are you sure you want to skip your order for Fresh Flower Subscriptions scheduled for Mar 20? If so, please reply 'yes' to confirm or 'no' to keep.
  • No
  • Great! Your Flowers will be on their way soon.

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