Alocasia Amazonica - Alocasia Polly in Natural Basket

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The Alocasia Amazonica is cute, compact and more than happy indoors. Put the Alocasia in a warm, and well lit area and watch your plant thrive.

Our Alocasia foliage is elegant and striking, perfect for livening up any indoor spaces and patio settings.

The Soil of you Alocasia Amazonica should stay moist (but not wet/soaked) during the Summer months when the plant is in full growing mode. During Winter time, when growth is slow or even nonexistent, let the soil dry out a little more – though never completely.

Our plants are selected with care and come from locally grown plant nurseries on the Gold Coast.

Alocasia Amazonica - Alocasia Polly in Natural Basket | Arrangement | Made with Love, by Flowers Gold Coast | Your local Florist.

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