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Our friends at Bees SETTLER Trees have sourced these seeds from the best seed houses in the world and feature a small and simple range of our very favourite flowers and easy to grow garden vegetables and herbs.

Ultimately by feeding the bees, we are feeding ourselves.

"We love food and knowing the story of where it comes from. It's all about the full circle." - Hayley Mason

Choose your Seeds from Natives, Flower Nectar, Wild Flowers, Edible Flowers, Cut Flowers or Garden Greens. 

Garden Greens - Snow Peas, Beetroot, Tomato, Radish.

Wild Flowers - Cosmos, Common Daisy

Cut Flowers - Zinnia, Dahlia, Sweet Pea, Larkspur

Edible Flowers - Cornflower

Natives - Paper Daisy

Flower Nectar - Lavender


*Seed selection will be at florist's discretion - We cannot guarantee specific seeds in type selection.

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Our Fresh and Dried Flower collections are available 7-Days for Pick up or Delivered Across the Gold Coast to your door! Made with love, by your local Florist, Flowers Gold Coast.

Flower variety and colour may vary depending on availability. Images are for display purposes only.