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Dried Flowers

...and now for something different!

We’re all used to Fresh Cut Flowers being the traditional style of bouquet arrangement. However, Dried flowers have seen a boost in popularity lately at Flowers Gold Coast — and it’s not difficult to see why! Apart from the fact that they look stinning on your kitchen table or windowsill, these maintenance-free blooms offer plenty of perks.

Dried Flowers don’t require water, or sunlight, they're perfect for rooms with little natural light, second homes, rentals and workplaces, and make a fantastic statement piece!

In fact, Dried flowers are so easy to maintain they can actually last many years with minimal care, and they look better than synthetic stems, making them the perfect gift for your loved one or even just to treat yourself!

Here at Flowers Gold Coast we love our pretty dried flowers and how they make everyone happy, give us a call for local pick up or delivery of your new flowers!



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