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I’m so glad you found us! My name is Vaïana (pronounced Va-ya-nah) and I’m the creative director and owner of Flowers Gold Coast.

My love for flowers began as a little girl. I remember my grand-parents’s garden in the North of France, my Grandfather would take me in his vegetable garden and would let me play underneath the Apple trees for hours. There was always an abundance of fresh flowers in the house. I remember exactly the smell of the blooms from the garden and the feelings of happiness that came with it.

Growing up in the coastal islands of New Caledonia, I was surrounded to various tropical flowers and foliage. Weekly blooms in our house was a tradition.

My wish is that our arrangements can bring you that same happy nostalgic feeling I had as a young girl.

Flowers Gold Coast's purpose is to help bring joy to those receiving flowers, as well as to support local businesses across the Gold Coast. Where possible, Flowers Gold Coast wishes to stock local produce, and currently stocks local Candles and Greeting Cards. We're locally owned and operating out of our Ashmore Studio.

We offer custom floral arrangements for Corporate events, styling, weddings or special gifts on the Gold Coast.

We hope our flowers bring you as much joy as they bring us arranging them.

Thank you for supporting local businesses, we genuinely appreciate it. 

Vaïana | Flowers Gold Coast

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