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Flowers Gold Coast introduces it's "Flowerpaedia" Blog, a collection of our "Flowers of the Month", a highlight of the best, from our Florist. Take a look at what features in our Bouquets and like us - learn something new about the Flowers that make an appearance in our gorgeous bouquets. Written by Flowers Gold Coast

Words from your Local Florist

Flowers are a big part of our life, read some of the comments and thoughts from our very own Florist here at Flowers Gold Coast. From what is in season, to the latest news, or just interesting thoughts about Flowers and Floral Arrangements! Written by Flowers Gold Coast.

Behind the Scenes

We make a lot of Flower Bouquets, and because one of our specialities is making each Bouquet, unique and different, we want to showcase some of the snaps we've made along the way. These photos are brought to you from our instagram page, so if they look funny, we'll fix it up soon!

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