Frequently Asked Questions

We understand buying Flowers online can be a complicated process, at Flowers Gold Coast, our goal is to change that, we’ve compiled some commonly asked questions to help you in your ordering process! Thank you for supporting us at Flowers Gold Coast!

COVID-19 Policy

Behind the scenes, the Flowers Gold Coast team follow our strict COVID19 health & safety policies, which include:

  • Appropriate social distancing in our studio
  • Washing and sanitising hands when entering and leaving our studio, before and after Flower pickups and customer deliveries
  • Wearing face masks, as per state Government requirements
  • Staying at home if they feel unwell or have been in contact with any known cases of Covid19

Our delivery drivers are also following strict guidelines & procedures. Where safe, drivers will leave gifts and flowers at the front door of residential addresses or at the main entrance of commercial addresses. Our drivers wear masks and follow COVID guidelines as outlined by the QLD State Govt.


Yes! While we follow all QLD Govt Mandates around Lockdown, typically we fall under essential services and are able to continue trading. Additionally Flowers Gold Coast is a family owned and operated business, meaning we can reduce the risk of COVID-19 dramatically. We may decide to suspend Pick Up during this time based on the guidelines at the time to help reduce any chance of spread. 
All our staff have received either their first, or both doses of COVID-19 Vaccine to help ensure we are doing our part also.

Ordering Questions 

Our Flower arrangements are all neatly wrapped in gorgeous wrapping. To ensure your Flowers remain as fresh as possible they are placed into a recyclable & compostable water bag (how cool is that?) that will keep them hydrated. Any goodies or our hampers are delivered in a goodie bag or in our classic white Hamper Boxes.
All our orders come with a complimentary business card sized note card. When you head to our checkout page you'll be prompted to leave a note. At this time we cannot accept more than 200 Characters as it won't fit on our card. If you would like to leave a handwritten note, you can upgrade to one of our wonderful & locally made, Greeting Cards. 
Do you offer Same Day Delivery?
I can't select a delivery date
Do you have Greeting Cards?
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I'd like a custom order
Do you offer Flower Subscriptions?
How do I make changes to my Order?
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Delivery Questions

Currently Flowers Gold Coast delivers to almost every Gold Coast suburb. Unfortunately some of the suburbs on the outer extremities such as Beechmont, Tamborine Mountain are too far for our Drivers to deliver to. Keep checking in as we plan to expand shortly. During border closures we are not able to deliver to Northern NSW. 

The more information you can provide about the delivery location, the quicker and easier it will be for our Flowers to reach their new home! 

Business Address: Please provide the name of the business and whether the gift should be delivered to reception, a loading dock or building concierge. This will help us ensure we can deliver during business hours also.

Residential Address: Please ensure that our drivers will be able to gain access to the property. If the address is within a secure building please ensure that the recipient will be home on the day of delivery or alternatively specify a safe location where the gift can be left. 

If our drivers cannot leave the gift in a safe location they will be returned to LVLY HQ and a re-delivery fee will apply.

Your order will arrive anytime between 10am and 6pm on the selected date of delivery. We cannot provide an expected time of arrival shorter than that unfortunately. This is due to a number of factors such as the delivery routes our drivers take and the number of deliveries they have to complete on the day. We will get your orders there as soon as possible. 


Flowers Gold Coast delivers 7-days per week! Typically most Public Holidays as well, although we may need to take the occasional day off to give ourselves a little break! If you can't select the date you are after, it would be either because we need to take a break, working a wedding/event that day, or because our daily allocation has been met. You can select the closest date and the Flowers will still look amazing!
Yes! Flowers Gold Coast's drivers will deliver to the ward where possible or commonly the main reception of the Hospital. We cannot guarantee they will be delivered directly to patients or staff as each hospital have different rules and protocol.
It’s important to include a ward and bed number if you’re sending to a hospital to give us the best chance of a successful delivery. Be sure to check they haven’t been discharged (or about to be) before ordering!

We have recently found some Hospitals have certain wards in which Flowers cannot be received, so please ensure you check with the hospital before placing your order. 



Our delivery charges are split into three regions across the Gold Coast and starts at $15. When you check out your order it will be based on the delivery address. You can also see the delivery fee for your suburb here.

If you provide us with an incorrect address or an incorrect name we cannot accept responsibility for the failed delivery. We will arrange to re-deliver but a re-delivery fee will be incurred. Should the Flowers have been delivered, we will attempt to recover them, if they are not able to be recovered, you will need to repurchase the order.

We’re extremely sorry to hear that there has been a problem with your order, we hate it when things don’t go to plan.

Sometimes when things go missing, it’s worth double checking that the order hasn’t been:

  • Left with a next door neighbour – sometime’s this happens if there’s no-one at home and no safe place to leave.
  • Left at reception, a concierge desk or mail room – this often happens when a gift is delivered to a business, hospital or school address.
  • That the name and address provided is absolutely correct

If it still can’t be found after trying the above, get in touch and we can look into it immediately for you.

Flower Questions


Flowers Gold Coast makes a longstanding commitment to support local Australian growers where possible. This means specific varieties of flowers may differ week-to-week based on seasonality and availability. We will try our best to match what you see on the site but sometimes we will have to substitute colour or varieties. We always ensure we will send something similar and just as beautiful. Our photos should be utilised as a guide only.


Like with all things in nature, it really does depend on a number of factors. Like your fruit & veggies from the Grocery store it can sometimes last a long time, sometimes a little bit less. We have found on average our arrangements last up to 3 weeks. This is because we visit local Flower Markets frequently and try to buy seasonal flowers rather than out of season stock. 


Heat and Sun may be great for the day at the beach, but like if you don't drink water and don't apply sunscreen your body won't like you too much at the end of it! Keeping your Flowers in a cool and out of direct sunlight location will do wonders for Flower longevity. Check out our Flower Care page for more information and tips!


The majority of our Flowers are sourced from Queensland and Australian growers and are made right here on the Gold Coast! Occasionally imported flowers will be used but we try to limit this as much as possible.
As much as we would love to stock every flower possible some times e won't have a particular flower in stock (or it might not even be in season!) if you are looking for a particular Flower to go into your arrangement, please get in touch with us first so we can ensure we can help you.