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Flower of the Month: Delphinium

There is no other flower that creates the feeling of an “English” or cottage garden, more than delphiniums. Delphiniums are majestic plants with their long, colorful flower spikes making spectacular additions to a perennial garden.

The name delphinium is derived from the Greek word delphis, which refers to the dolphin-shaped flower buds before they open. Flowers are usually blue, but also come in white, pink, red, violet, and purple. The common name larkspur comes from the shape of the flower, which resembles a lark's spur or claw.

Delphiniums have been cultivated and hybridized for decades. There are over 300 annual, biennial and perennial species, with most delphiniums in today’s gardens being complex perennial hybrids of Delphinium x elatum, commonly known as the bee delphinium.

Delphiniums are a popular flower amongst us Florists as they are one of the few flowers that are naturally Blue! Delphiniums are commonly seen throughout the winter and later Autumn in our bouquets at Flowers Gold Coast to follow the cooler months and tend to avoid the harsh summer heats that we get on the Gold Coast. 

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