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Flower of the Month: Anthurium

Anthurium, also known as Laceleaf or the Flamingo Flower is a fantastic little plant that is ideal for Indoor Houseplants, or to accompany a wonderful Floral Arrangement made by your favourite's at Flowers Gold Coast. 

With it's wonderful deep green glossy leaves, the plant alone is sure to wow any visitor to your garden. Their eyes will however, be instantly drawn to it's fantastically coloured feature piece, the speathe

Anthurium Flowers are not actually the brightly coloured feature of the Anthurium plant, rather the yellow (or otherwise coloured) "spear" of the Leaf. 

Often grouped together with Peace Lillies, this Plant is fantastic for your Flower Arrangement as they are brightly coloured, hardy, and last a significantly long time in any arrangement. Anthurium's are often used as a feature piece in flower bouquet arrangements, or as an accompaniment to round off a gorgeous flower bouquet.

Flowers Gold Coast loves growing the Anthurium Plants for our own backyard, but our florist finds them the best in those "stand out" flower bouquets. If you're lucky, you may see one in yours!

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