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Flower of the Month - April: Amaranth

Amaranth, also referred to as Amaranthus is our Flower of the Month this April. 

This incredible plant is not actually a Flower, but we're going to categorise it as one for the purposes of this blog (we don't have time to write up Plant of the Month as well!).

Amaranth has been around for thousands of years alongside Humans and is often used decoratively in Flower Bouquet Arrangements and is surging in Popularity featuring in Dried Flower Arrangements and as a focal point in Wedding Flower Bouquets also!

Amaranth Is typically cultivated in Africa, India, China, Russia & various parts of North & South America as well as Australia. Amaranth typically thrives in Temperate Clients.  

Incredibly however, while Flowers Gold Coast has been using Amaranth in our Dried Flower Bouquets & Wedding Bouquets, Amaranth has been used as a pseudo cereal as far back as the Aztecs?

Amaranth is known to potentially have excellent source of proteins, dietary fibers, vitamin E, iron, calcium, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. Amaranth has better nutritional value than wheat and rice! It is also an excellent source of L-lysine, essential amino acid.

Amaranth can be ground in flour and used for the preparation of bread or as thickener for soups, sauces and stews. Seeds can be prepared and consumed like rice, as ingredient of granola bars or popped like popcorns.

Leaves of amaranth are also edible and very popular in Asia. They can be consumed stir-fried or as an ingredient of soups.

Popped seeds of amaranth mixed with honey or sugar (usually shaped like a skull) are traditionally consumed during Mexican "Day of the Dead" festival.

Seeds of amaranth are gluten-free and they can be safely consumed by people diagnosed with celiac disease. Amaranth lowers blood cholesterol level and allegedly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

Clusters of densely packed flowers of amaranth transform into large, heavy seed heads. Single plant can produce 60.000 seeds per year.

Name "amaranth" is derived from a Greek word "amarantos" which means "everlasting" or "one that does not wither". Name refers to the flower buds of amaranth that retain vivid coloration even after drying. 

Depending on the species, Amaranth can last 1 to three years before needing to be re-seeded. 

If you're looking to have Amaranth added to your bouquet we can create a custom flower arrangement for Gold Coast Flower Delivery. Additionally you may see them already featured in some of our Dried or Fresh Flower arrangements. 

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