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Flower of the Month - February: Zinnia

Not to be overshadowed by Valentine's Day, this February's Flower of the Month goes to the Zinnia. 

Since Roses get enough attention anyway, Zinnias are definitely another wonderful flower that is in our view an underrated flower.

Aren't Zinnia's the same as Dahlias?

Looking at the Zinnia Flower, you may think to yourself, hang on, isn't that a Dahlia? Well, you would be correct, sort of. Zinnia & Dahlia are both from the same Aster (Daisy) family, and share very similar characteristics, Zinnias produce a large single stemmed flower, making them the perfect candidate for Fresh Cut Flowers. 

So what's the difference between Zinnia & Dahlia?

Predominantly the main difference is the Tuber found in Dahlia flowers, Zinnia's have a distinct centre that sets them apart and typically is more open as a flower. 


About the Zinnia

Zinnias are a group of annual flowering shrubs that can vary in height from 15 centimetres to 50 centimetres in height. The petals are generally flat, with some exceptions to this, and they are arranged in single rows (similar to many daisies), multiple rows where the center of the flower is not always visible and they can also have a dome petal structure that is similar to the ball dahlias.

The single and multi-row varieties are the types that most people generally associate with zinnias, as they are much more common that than dome varieties. The single petal varieties are easily confused with other members of the daisy family including some dahlias. An example of a double petal variety is shown in the image above.

Zinnia Quick Facts

  • The name of the genus, Zinnia, comes from the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn.
  • Zinnias strongly attract butterflies and other beneficial insects! Great for the home garden. 
  • Zinnia was the flower of the state of Indiana in the United States from 1931 – 1957.
  • Small, narrow-leaved zinnias make pretty dry flowers which you can do yourself at home!
  • The more you cut the zinnia flower, the more it returns.
  • Zinnias are also apart of the Sunflower Family
  • Growing year after year is common with Zinnias meaning you don't have to reseed your flowers frequently, although you can do so easily if you dry your flower and take the seeds from the Flower Head

Where can I find Zinnias on the Gold Coast?

Zinnias are often included in our Fresh Flower Arrangements at Flowers Gold Coast, and while we are big users of Dahlias as well, when you receive your Fresh Flowers Delivered to your Gold Coast home you'll be able to tell which one is which!

If you want to grow them at home, you should be able to grab them from your local plant/hardware store near you.

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