Flower of the Month: Protea - Flowers Gold Coast

Flower of the Month: Protea

Proteas are one of our most adored Flowers here at Flowers Gold Coast, but despite being bunched in with "Natives" in Australia, you'd be surprised to learn where they are actually from (and it's not Australia)!

Proteas, often also called Sugar Bushes are a Genus of South African flowering plants! However, there is some truth to the "Natives-ness" of Proteas within Australia, with a sub family Grevilleoideae which is Native to Australia and other neighbouring pacific islands. 

Australia holds over 350 endemic species within the Grevillea family, and were used by Aboriginals for their sweet nectar, often shaken into the hand to enjoy by itself, or used with a little water to form a sweet drink. It's probably best not to do this at home with your Grevillea's however, as most common Grevillea species produce flowers containing toxic cyanide - not good!

Proteas are thought to have existed for over 300 million years, making them one of the oldest groups of Flowers in the world! While they have ancient tones, they still hold their modern looks. Great for birds and for your arrangements, these plants are low care, and just look amazing in any bouquet made by us at Flowers Gold Coast!

We've used Proteas in a variety of our arrangements, and even included some King Proteas in a Cafe Flower Arrangement for our friends at Cruise Espresso! 

Proteas flower for many months from Winter to Spring and provide some amazing colours which you may have recently been seeing across the Gold Coast!

Proteas appear (when in season) in many of our Native Bunches, and make for a lovely accompaniment to any arrangement. You can find Proteas in many of our arrangements - see if you can spot them here

Pick up or Delivered across the Gold Coast, Flowers Gold Coast can have Proteas added to your arrangement to provide a bit of Native joy! 

Protea - Native Flower Arrangements from Flowers Gold Coast | Florist | Fresh and Dried Flower Arrangements

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