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Flower of the Month: Sunflowers

We don't really get a "Winter" on the Gold Coast, so we're seeing Sunflower's popping up already! Introducing this Month's "Flower of the Month" for Flowers Gold Coast, the well known and loved Sun Flower. Popping into our cafes and our hearts to warm up our final "Winter" days!

Some cool facts about our bright yellow friends! 

  • Like our Dahlia's (See last month's post), Sunflower's are made up of multiple flowers! In a typical Sunflower, you can have up to 2,000 flowers, as it includes both the petals and the "Fuzzy Brown" or Yellow Centre.
  • Growing your own Sunflowers? Cut them in the morning! In the Afternoon, they start to droop as the sun goes down, and can leave them in that state post harvest. 
  • Around 70 Species of Sunflower exists around the globe, with many looking completely different from the typical Sunflower
  • Did you know? Our Florist Vaiana speaks fluent French? The French word for Sunflower is Tournesol, which translates to "Turns with the Sun"!
    • The trait where flowers seek out sunlight is called Heliotropism.
  • The Tallest Sunflower on record is over 9 metres tall!
  • Sunflowers have been planted to soak up Nuclear Radiation
    • Don't worry, there is none here on the Gold Coast! But Sunflowers have been used in Japan to help with the recent Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster. Sunflowers are brilliant at absorbing toxins and hopefully will help allow for the area to be safer, quicker.
  • Speaking of absorbing, if you do pick up one of our bunches of Sunflowers from our Cafes in Broadbeach, Southport, Chirn Park or Molendinar, or from us in Ashmore, make sure you feed them plenty of water, they get very thirsty and are one of the biggest water drinking plants out there!

Pick up or Delivered across the Gold Coast, Flowers Gold Coast can have sunflowers brighten up your day! 

Cat & Sunflower's ready to bloom! - Flowers Gold Coast

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