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Flowers in Japan

The Japanese people are some of the nicest, well mannered, and punctual society that I have encountered.

During a recent trip to Japan, I have experienced the Japanese love for simplicity, tradition, precision and order.

In Japan, the art of Ikebana is looked upon with respect. Flower arranging, blossoms, branches, leaves and stems find new life as materials for art-making. 

It is essential to bring out the inner qualities of flowers and other live materials and express emotions, as opposed to simply placing flowers in a vase.

The art of Ikebana considers colour, line and form which all guide the art construction. 

In Japan, certain seasons are associated with native flowers, plants and trees.

It isn’t rare to see Ikebanaists trim flowers and other branches to change shapes, and alter style by painting leaves. 

The art piece must be balanced and in harmony. When practicing Ikebana, it is not enough to have exquisite flowers and other materials. 

The Ikebanaist must beautifully and artfully arrange materials together to show the full beauty of the art piece.



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