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I love Hydrangeas. Where I grew up, hydrangeas were not common at all. While traveling in my teen years, I discovered this bloom.

One of my aunts lives in Paris, France. Each year she plants a new hydrangea and hopes  the colors will be bright and colorful as expected! The minerals and Ph in the soil will dictate which color the flowers will be. One year could be pink and another year purple. This is mother nature’s surprise!

Hydrangeas can grow on the Gold Coast! You just need to make sure to plant them at the right time and show them love! Your local garden shop or nursery will be able to give you the best advice depending on the variety that you will have chosen to get! Be very diligent with your watering as hydrangeas will start wiltering or have brown spots on their leaves if not looked after. 

When buying fresh hydrangeas from your local florist, I suggest to avoid putting your hydrangeas in an area with direct sunlight. Cut your hydrangeas on an angle to allow for maximum water intake. Changing the vase’s water every two days is also a must! While doing that, ensure that the vase is cleaned with water and soap to avoid bacteria from growing. 

Now that your know the basics of caring for your hydrangeas you will have beautiful long lasting blooms! 






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