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Peonies The Queen Of Flowers


Peony | Paeonia officinalis


“I wish you a happy marriage, happy wedding, anniversary, wealth, honour, good health prosperity, romance, compassion, shame, female fertility, nobility”


Peonies have always been my favourite flowers. They make me think of elegance and spring! 

Their velvety petals are incredibly fragile yet so powerful.


Growing peonies on the Gold Coast is close to impossible unless you are located near Mount Tamborine where morning frost occurs.


Many florists use peonies in arrangements as a focal flower. Being a statement flower, not much is needed to create something beautiful with peonies!


This flamboyant bloom comes in a variety of colours including the famous soft pink, hot pink, white, cream, bright and deep red. Lavender, purple and yellow peonies can also be sourced. 


To get your hands on gorgeous peonies in Australia, mid-October until December is the best season for local purchasing.


It is best to buy peonies when they are still a fairly tight bud to enjoy their beauty for as long as possible. The usual vase life of fresh peonies is of 7-10 days. 


Peonies are undeniably stunning and let’s be honest, they are when they can be found, the Queen of all flowers!



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