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The Language Of Flowers

We have to go back to the 1800's to understand the meaning of flowers. The Victorians created the Language of Flowers, commonly named Floriography.

Flowers can serve as a symbolic illustration.
In the 18th Century, flowers were popular in Europe and many women started learning the art of Floriography and Floristry. During the reign of Queen Victoria, flowers became more than just objects and were being used to communicate cryptic messages that could not be made public.

Tussie-mussies or nose-gays concealed secret messages of love, hope and pain that could be seen on the streets. Flower Symbolism soon became a part of Fashion in France and Europe. Womens dressed with flowers in their hair and clothing, while men pinned buttonholes to their jackets. 

Each blooms represent emotional content and multiple meanings. The most striking elements of a flower is its colour. By playing with different hues and mixing layering of vibrancy we can deepens or lightens its significance. Have you ever wondered what the colour of your blooms real meaning was? 

Below is a list of my favourite flower colours and their secret meanings:

| Purity | Perfection | Sympathy | Spirituality
Cream | Sincerity | Affection | Calm
Pink | Love | Happiness | Feminity 
Violet | Elegance | Beauty | Royalty | Grace
Blue | Tranquility | Prosperity | Peace | Immortality
Green | Renewal | Wealth | Rebirth | Health
Yellow | Friendship | Joy | Happiness | 
Orange | Energy | Enthusiasm | Excitement 
Red | Passion | Desire | Strength 


At Flowers Gold Coast, we understand the meaning of flowers and the message that can be shared through them. We carefully select the best flowers to suit your feelings and emotions. Let us know what message you would like to share with that special someone! 
"Dites-le avec des fleurs!"

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