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5 Ideas to Make Your Valentines Day Extra Special!

We come across many a Valentines fan at Flowers Gold Coast, as Florists, Valentines Day is a busy time with people preparing to wow their loved ones, or that special someone who has recently caught their eye. When making up Flowers, we always get asked, what should I do on Valentines Day? 

For the traditionalists, there are the standard Movies & a Meal types, but for those who are trying to break tradition and add a bit of variety to your Valentines Day, we've collected 5 Ideas that are well received by some of our visitors to the studio that we have quizzed over time. 

The added benefit for this year is that Valentines Day lands on a Sunday (14th of February for those forgetful readers) making it extra easy to plan something easy, but romantic, and thoughtful!

Breakfast in Bed

Yeah, we know, this one could be considered one of the traditional ones, but we still feel that Breakfast in Bed is a totally overlooked specialty that just makes any recipient all happy and makes for a great start to the day. A nice coffee, paired with your partner's preferred Breakfast dish shows thought and consideration for your partner as you kick off your Sunday. For those who like to shower their loved ones in gifts, before, or after your brekky in bed is an opportune way to tie it all in nicely. 

Tapas in the Park

Get your Wooden Food boards out of the cupboard and load them up with all sorts of yummy goodies. Paired with a nice blanket and maybe a cheeky drink or two (if your local council allows it) you'll have your afternoon set with a lovely Tapas in the Park to round off your Sunday afternoon. A small speaker to share some nice tunes is a great touch (although be mindful of your park going neighbours).

Gin Tasting

Gin tasting is one that we've found from a lot of our Studio Visitors to be a really popular option. The Gold Coast is home to two distilleries that specialise in locally made Gin and offers Gin Tasting, but your local bar will probably have some offerings too, or if you're feeling a little like the home setting, your local bottle shop will have some great Gin Testing Kits on offer. If you're heading out make sure you book ahead! Sunday nights are busy at the best of times!

Day trip to Sunflower Farm

We're quickly going to make a temporary business name change to "Flowers South East Queensland" (Sorry Gold Coast) but this one is too good to miss. If you'd rather spend your Sunday Valentines Day with a bit of a road trip, consider hitting up our gorgeous country roads and head out north west to visit some Sunflower Farms (Click here for our post on Sunflowers). Allora & Nobby (south of Toowoomba) are two hot spots for some gorgeous Sunflower Farms that are sure to blow you away. Have a quick Google first as the season for Sunflower typically ends in March. 


Homemade Dinner & a Movie

Now before you jump at us for making you cook at home, sometimes the most romantic nights out can be done from your very own backyard. "Why cook at home?" you might ask. Well cooking together, picking a meal you may have always wanted to do but haven't got around to it due to mid-week stress is something people enjoy and it's what you make of it! Put on some romantic smooth tones, or some up beat rap (whatever floats your boat), have some fun in the kitchen making food for you. Whether it be a guilty pleasure, or a Five Course dégustation, nothing really can beat a nice home made meal with a movie.


Something a little extra...

We wouldn't be a good florist without suggesting something from us would we? Now before you go for the traditional Roses (more on that in a Blog Post later in the year), try something a little different with a Dried or Preserved Flower Arrangement. Nothing says everlasting love than a bunch of everlasting Flowers (Feel free to borrow that line for cheesy romance). With a guaranteed shelf life beyond your standard fresh arrangements, a gorgeous arrangement is the perfect way to end another great Valentines Day.

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