5 Things to Consider When Sending Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Gifts

5 Things to Consider When Sending Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Gifts

When it comes to sending flowers and gifts to someone who has recently lost a loved one, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your gesture is as meaningful and helpful as possible. Here are five things to consider when sending funeral flowers and sympathy gifts:

  1. Timing:

    It's generally best to send your gift as soon as possible after the death, especially if the funeral is imminent. If you're unsure of when the funeral will be, it's a good idea to check with a family member or the funeral home to get a sense of the schedule. On the Gold Coast, some popular funeral homes include Allambe Memorial Park and Gold Coast Cremations. Flowers Gold Coast offers delivery to all major Funeral Homes on the Gold Coast.


  2. Personalisation:

    Funeral flowers and sympathy gifts are a very personal gesture, so it's important to make sure your gift reflects the person you're honoring. If you're unsure what to send, a classic bouquet of flowers or a potted plant is always a safe choice.

    Porcelaine White is a Popular Arrangement for Sympathy & Funeral Arrangements

  3. Delivery:

    If you can't attend the funeral in person, you may want to consider sending your gift directly to the recipient's home. This can be especially helpful if the recipient is out of town for the funeral or if you want to offer your support in the days and weeks following the funeral. As a florist on the Gold Coast, Flowers Gold Coast offers delivery throughout the region to almost every suburb.


  4. Consideration:

    When sending funeral flowers and sympathy gifts, it's important to consider the preferences and needs of the recipient. For example, if the recipient has allergies or is in a small space, a potted plant or a basket of goodies may be a better gift than a bouquet of flowers.


  5. Etiquette:

    There are a few general guidelines to follow when it comes to funeral flowers and sympathy gifts. It's generally best to avoid anything too elaborate or flashy, as this can be seen as inappropriate or even tasteless. In addition, be mindful of any cultural or religious customs that may be relevant to the recipient. If you're unsure about what to send or what is appropriate, it's always a good idea to check with a family member or the funeral home for guidance.

  6. Practicality:

    Think about where the Flowers are being received, sometimes a vase arrangement is best than a wrapped bouquet as they are freestanding, especially if being sent to a Funeral Home for a loved one, there may not be a Vase handy to place the arrangement into water.

    Classique Vase Florist Choice - White Themed Sympathy Arrangement

Sending funeral flowers and sympathy gifts is a thoughtful way to show your support and condolences to those who are grieving. By considering timing, personalisation, delivery, consideration, and etiquette, you can ensure that your gift is meaningful and helpful to the recipient.

If you're on the Gold Coast and are looking for a florist to help you with your gift, consider Flowers Gold Coast, with a wide selection of flowers and gifts and our reliable same day flower delivery service, they can help you find the perfect way to express your condolences during this difficult time.

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