A Year in Review - 2020 - Flowers Gold Coast

A Year in Review - 2020

Like so many of us this year has been a hectic one to say the least! In this post, We take a look back at the year that was, but before we dig in, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you. We genuinely appreciate it.

Where to begin?

Flowers Gold Coast has grown significantly this year, at the start of 2020 we were just getting on our feet and like everyone, was not aware of the year ahead! Here we go into some of the things we’re grateful for and some of the big things that have happened in such a busy year!


Humble Beginnings

Vaïana, our Florist, has always had a love for Flowers, and was looking for a change in careers, moving away from working for someone else and planning to follow her parent’s footsteps and create her own business. While Flowers Gold Coast had been started as a hobby project in 2019, 2020 was the year to make it all happen!

Supporting Local

With one of the cornerstone philosophies of Flowers Gold Coast being “As much as possible, support local.” Whether it be the Flowers and Products we supply, or the businesses we support, local is always our first aim.

Gold Coast Cafes

Supporting Gold Coast Cafes came through first in 2020 with stocking at some of Gold Coast’s best Cafes, @cruize_espresso_chirn_park, @kooco_espresso_bar_kitchen and @senscoffee (Southport & Broadbeach).

These wonderful cafe owners and their staff were fantastic support for us at Flowers Gold Coast, and helped provide further options to their customers beyond Great Food and Coffee! Check out one of our Hanging Flower Cloud at Sens Southport!

Moody Shot

We like to collaborate with other Gold Coast Businesses to help them in the creative endeavours too, @themoodyshot reached out to us for one of their photo shoots to supply some Dried Flowers and couldn’t believe the results!


Flowers Gold Coast supported a number of events this year and did a delicious grouping of arrangements for a Wedding Shoot for @memorable_memories_events. Our Cat Bouboule, didn’t partake despite his best attempts to do so!


We often get asked to help with Proposals amongst other events, this one blew us away. Our Friends at @thegiftcubeaustralia were asked to help with a proposal and immediately thought of us to help out with their very cool and unique proposal setting at Byron Bay Beach. The bride to be thankfully said yes and you never know, you might be seeing wedding photos with our flowers for the happy couple in the future!


We cannot speak highly enough about our Candles, made locally by hand, our friend @romy_louise has perfectly encapsulated her Luxe Collection with gorgeous Floral Scents intended to help “escape the moment”. We burn these candles in our Home Flower Studio in Ashmore and cannot get enough!

Greeting Cards

Flowers Gold Coast feels a handwritten message is a more personal touch to the Printed Messages many of our competitors prefer for their recipients. We’re very lucky to have Willow & White Stationary come on board with us this year, and they should be proud of the cards they create and share with us, hand made and printed locally we love the collection of cards that we offer with a handwritten message.

Dried Flowers

Our Dried and Preserved Flowers really hit the spot for our Flower loving friends, watch this space in 2021 we have plenty more coming to Blow you away!

Feat. Bouboule

Fresh Flowers

And Of course, our Fresh Flowers, a gift given for many events and occasions and never ceases to make someone happy, something that genuinely makes this job worthwhile.

We’re working on more styles for next year and trying out new things to mix it up and keep our Flower Loving friends able to see something different!

Our Wonderful Recipients

One of our recipients loved their arrangement so much they bought an accompanying painting to match it!

Custom Designs

We just loved this custom design we thought we would share it again, a definite highlight for the year with that hilarious ceramic!

Our Gorgeous Natives

Afterpay & Flowers Gold Coast

For those “buy it now, pay later” fans, Flowers Gold Coast began offering Afterpay in 2020 both on our website and in‑store, making us one of two Florists on the Gold Coast to do so.

Out and About

Delivering Flowers are a core component of our daily activities, and some of the locations we come across on our way to your doors are just too good not to share!

Onto the next year

As people wound up the year, we kept powering on, but managed to take a day off for Christmas with our wonderful family. However, our Flowers are still in the background wherever you go, like our stunning Hydrangea table centrepiece, a simple, but effective arrangement to top off your Christmas table setting!


As we finish off the year, and start off 2021, this whole passion project for Vaïana would not be possible, without you, our wonderful clients, who share a bit of themselves when buying flowers, whether it be an anecdote while we make up their arrangement; their feelings as they pass on their condolences, congratulations, simple thank you’s; or their happiness for their dream bouquet becoming a reality.

We are grateful for your support, and we look forward to sharing more with you into 2021.

Thank you.

Vaïana and Sam,
Flowers Gold Coast

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