Choosing the Best Gold Coast Florist from Overseas

Choosing the Best Gold Coast Florist from Overseas

Are you looking to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your loved ones on the Gold Coast QLD from overseas? Choosing the right florist is crucial to ensure that your flowers are fresh, delivered on time, and meet your expectations.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best florist for flower delivery on the Gold Coast:

Pick a Florist that Supplies Locally Grown Flowers & Products

When selecting a florist, it's important to choose one that sources their flowers and products locally. Locally grown flowers are fresher and have a longer vase life compared to imported flowers. Additionally, supporting local businesses helps the community thrive. Look for a florist that proudly promotes their use of locally sourced flowers and products.

Flowers Gold Coast sources it's flowers from a wide variety of Growers and Suppliers across Australia, from micro growers across the Gold Coast Hinterland, to some of the countries most esteemed growers and suppliers, wherever possible, we aim to purchase locally sourced and grown Flowers. To accompany our beautiful blooms, we source a number of Products that are made locally on the Gold Coast or in our beautiful Country including our Palm Beach produced Candles & Diffusers, or our Western Australian Beauty Products.

Choose a Florist with Good Reviews

Before making a decision, take the time to read reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Look for florists with positive feedback regarding the quality of their flowers, prompt delivery, and excellent customer service. A reputable florist will have a track record of satisfied customers who have had positive experiences with their flower deliveries.

At Flowers Gold Coast, we work hard to ensure our customers are happy, with an over 160 5-Star Reviews from Word of Mouth, Google Reviews, Trust Pilot & more, you can see us put our Money where our mouth is. 

Pick a Florist that is Based on the Gold Coast and Isn't a Reseller

Opt for a florist that is based on the Gold Coast and not a reseller. Some online flower delivery services act as intermediaries, taking orders and passing them on to local florists and keeping a portion of your money for the service, this means less of your purchase goes to the Flowers, and instead goes to a middle-man.

By choosing a florist directly based on the Gold Coast, you can ensure that your order is handled by professionals who have firsthand knowledge of the local area and can provide personalised service to you, or your Gold Coast based business.


Find a Florist that Delivers Seven Days a Week

Flexibility is key when it comes to flower delivery. Look for a florist that offers delivery services seven days a week. This way, you can have flowers delivered on any day that suits your needs, even on weekends. A reliable florist will go the extra mile to accommodate your delivery preferences.

Birthday's, Anniversaries and other celebrations don't stop on a weekend, so why should you? Send Birthday Flowers, or Anniversary Flowers Monday to Sunday with Flowers Gold Coast.

Choose a Florist that Offers Same Day Delivery

Sometimes, you may need to send flowers urgently. In such cases, a florist that offers same day delivery is a lifesaver. Whether it's a forgotten birthday or a last-minute celebration, a florist that can deliver your order on the same day ensures that your gesture of love and appreciation is not delayed.


By following these tips, you can choose the Best Florist for flower delivery on the Gold Coast. Remember to select a florist that supplies locally grown flowers, has good reviews, is based on the Gold Coast, delivers seven days a week, and offers same day delivery. With the right florist, you can make your loved ones feel special, even from afar.

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