The 5 little touches you should use to make your next event stand out!

Events are a wondrous occasion that is one to remember, but it takes a lot of effort behind the scenes to create a lasting impression and memory for your guests. We've been assisting for a number of events at Flowers Gold Coast, both personally and professionally, and we thought we might want to share some cool things that we've seen about the place!

The biggest thing that stands out to us in any event and rings true for us as florist's is attention to detail. Just ask our previous Wedding & Events customers that were assisted by us at Flowers Gold Coast, small touches often save the day and it's a great way to capture someone in the moment and think "huh, how cool!"

Here are five small but impactful touches that go a long way towards making your event memorable, some of these are more suited to bigger events, but you can scale as you see fit:


Flowers Gold Coast | Event Florist | 5 little touches to make your next event a stand out! |


While digital has rapidly taken over in the events industry, a physical itinerary or program is still king and is an essential piece at your function. Attending an event can be a little nerve wrecking for some guests (especially if you don't know anyone outside of the hosts).

Not knowing what’s going on or what to expect can really remove some of the enjoyment of the day. Save your guests the guesswork and make information available to them—that way they’ll be able to participate in and engage in every activity you present.


Flowers Gold Coast | Event Florist | 5 little touches to make your next event a stand out! |

Bathroom Baskets

If you've ever come across bathroom baskets at an event, you already know what we're about to say. It's a simple, but thoughtful gesture, akin to those found at 5 star resorts! 

Creating one is simple—purchase a small basket and fill it with all of the essentials the event attendees may need when tending to the powder room, then place it in the bathroom, a nice flower, or nearby candle can bring together the room.

Some items you may consider including are hairspray, safety pins, perfume/cologne, stain remover, mints, and female toiletries. You don’t have to stick to these items, though—be creative and let your guests know you’re thinking of them!

Flowers Gold Coast | Event Florist | 5 little touches to make your next event a stand out! |

Goodie Bags/Hampers

Do you remember how excited you got as a kid when you were handed a loot bag after a birthday party? We're not sure why that stopped at being a kid, but imagine giving your guests that feeling as they leave your event!

Show bags are common at some trade shows, but are often filled with boring business cards and flyers with token offers—which can be underwhelming. To really impress your guests, give them something they can use. Items like pens, candles, soaps which are handy takeaways, and useful (take a look at one of our skincare Hampers below as an example!).

Flowers Gold Coast | Event Florist | 5 little touches to make your next event a stand out! |


If it’s an event where people are coming from out of town, a great idea is to make a handwritten list of your favourite local restaurants or spots that a great for tourists. Goodie bag items don’t have to be expensive. In fact, they are more so embodiments of “it’s the thought that counts” being true. Choose thoughtful and considerate items for your goodie bags and guests will leave with keepsake reminders of how well-planned your event was.

Instagram-Worthy Photo Zones

What's an event without some amazing photos to remember it by? As host you will likely put a lot of effort into making a venue photo-friendly. Capturing those smiles is what makes us experience those smiles while reminiscing years later.

The backdrop is no less important than your guests’ smiles—consider making the decor so interesting that guests will want to share photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter of their surroundings.

Creating a special area for taking pictures is a cool opportunity for your guests to have an icebreaker, get together and simply have fun. Keeping it cheap is easy as some simple set ups—try ordering a social media photo frame. The price can be as low as $10! Imagine an engaging Instagram feed cut out with relevant tags that are easily recognisable when people scroll through their socials. Don't forget some cool costumes to really mix it up!

Flowers to tie it all together

Whether it's a simple solo vase arrangement to make a statement piece of your entry way, flowering orchids in various locations to luxe up the event, brilliant table pieces, or stand out custom pieces, flowers are what really makes an event come together and makes for a fantastic talking piece! The best thing about it is that you won't even need to worry about your event flowers, leave it all to the team at Flowers Gold Coast and we'll sort it for you. We're meticulous with the details so whichever event flowers you pick for your corporate event, brides party, birthday event or celebration, our Flowers will be the bow on top of your already amazing event package. 

Get in touch.

Flowers Gold Coast | Event Florist | 5 little touches to make your next event a stand out! |