The Top Wedding Flower Trends for 2023

The Top Wedding Flower Trends for 2023

Everyone has their own style and preferences when it comes to saying "I do".

Over the years we've seen a variety of trends dominate the wedding scene, from minimalist themes to cupcake towers and disposable cameras.

In Australia there are usually 120,000 weddings each year, but in the face of the pandemic those numbers dropped drastically, with 78,989 weddings happening in 2020, and just over 89,000 in 2021.

This year as we are truly transitioning into an era where Covid is hopefully now only a memory, a wedding boom is tipped to emerge and wedding experts and service providers including Flowers Gold Coast's Senior Wedding Florists are suggesting what Florals we should expect to see at weddings this year.

"With Weddings being pushed back, moved, cancelled during COVID people are able to travel again, both domestically and into Australia from overseas without restriction, we're seeing a big push into Weddings this Year that we've not really seen before with such Gusto - expect a busy wedding season this 2023!"


Flowers Gold Coast has started seeing neutral tones in Wedding Blooms and arrangements are starting to disappear, with Colourful and grand themes replacing them.

Wedding Trends in Australia 2023 - Flowers Gold Coast - Wedding Florist -

"People are shifting away from the all-whites, neutrals, or soft blush tones and they're wanting to express themselves now through colour, a lot of bold colours"

"You'll still get your traditional, but overwhelmingly we're seeing Colours being added to the themes.

One other thing that has become noticed in the industry is that of Blues and Purples making a quick comeback, something not seen since the early Noughties.

"Blues and Purples can be a little bit of an added challenge but there are definitely flower options out there for you providing the season you're looking at fits, be prepared to potentially compromise however"


Natural & Refined Arrangements

It's become apparent that couples are preferring natural floral arrangements over fancier and grand styles that have dominated the past decade. What was once popular, Grand Arbours and Big Displays, people are choosing to invest their Floral Budget into Aesthetic Arrangements, similar to that of a Natural Garden. Ground Work with Florals coming out of the ground and opting for a more natural and free flowing look.

 Wedding Trends in Australia 2023 - Flowers Gold Coast - Wedding Florist -

To further complement colourful and bold arrangements, a trend toward the simple bouquet is returning, away from big and complicated bouquets - something that is always a big surprise for the Bride when they pick up their arrangement - Flowers can be heavy!

Brides are also looking to make their bouquets impactful and simplistic with Single -variety stylings, rather than doing a mix of Flowers, each Bridesmaid will have a unique en masse of one particular flower. The variety for each bridesmaid provides the impact that is found in the complex arrangement. 

Wedding Trends in Australia 2023 - Flowers Gold Coast - Wedding Florist -


"I've noticed people are more focused on having local flowers rather than importing. It means that Brides have to be more selective with their flowers, and potentially leaning on their Florist for advice, but Local Flowers and Environmentally friendly designs are becoming more popular".

It's unclear whether the sustainability focus has become more popular because of COVID but Brides are often shifting towards supporting more local growers, but  emphasis about getting 'local roses' or 'local stock' has become more apparent from brides as we move into 2023. 

"People have also been coming across as more conscious, wanting to be more 'foam-free' when we're doing our installations, so they're wanting to be more sustainable and better for the environment, opting for better mechanics. It does mean sometimes that preferences need to be re-worked to fit within this requirement but it can be done."


Wedding Trends in Australia 2023 - Flowers Gold Coast - Wedding Florist -

Surprisingly, despite the constant threat of Economic downturn, budgets seem to be on the rise across Weddings. As Wedding "accessories" have been removed (Welcome Gift Bags, etc), The Floral Budget has been bumped up to provide more impact and grandeur on the big day.

"Flower Spends for Wedding Budgets typically come in at 10-15% of your total Wedding Spend, but Wedding Couples are often looking to come in higher than this at around 15-20% and higher as they  seek the "Event of the Year" amongst Friends and Family not seen for some time post-covid."

Flowers Gold Coast Weddings

Whether your big day is a Wedding or some other special event. You want as little hassle as possible as well as everything to look as perfect as possible. Well as self proclaimed perfectionists, we at Flowers Gold Coast understand perfectly what to do to make your special day one to remember.

Flowers Gold Coast offers Boutique Weddings and Events specifically tailored to your tastes and your budget. 
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Unlike other florist or event planner we will meet with you in person or via FaceTime/Zoom Call.  With every enquiry we endeavour to respond within 7  days, and include a helpful pricing guide to help with ideas & pricing. However, don't stress, we will work with you and your budget to ensure you get what you want for your big day!
Whether it's a simple bridal bouquet, to a full Floral ensemble with Arbor, Flowers Gold Coast can help make your next wedding unforgettable. 
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