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The Tradition behind International Women's Day Flowers.

On March 8 each year, around the world people celebrate the women in their lives through the observation of International Women's day. People observe International Women's day in many forms, shopping at Women-owned businesses or raising money or resources to the many valuable organisations that help women in various shapes and forms throughout the year. There is also a tradition which is growing each year, of gifting International Women's Day flowers on March 8. 

A United Nation's global holiday, International Women's day aims to celebrate the contributions made by Women within our society, and raise awareness to the areas of society that need to improve to reach Gender Equality. Each year, a theme is often followed as the official underlying message to the day, however, unofficially, many use it as a day to remember, acknowledge and share their appreciation for the women that have made a meaning impact in their lives through sharing, quotes, messages and Flowers.

This year's theme from the UN is "Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 World. With an unofficial theme going viral on the internet of #ChooseToChallenge.

But how does this relate to Flowers? International Women's Day goes back more than 100 years when it was first observed across America & Europe. In 1946, Feminists celebrating International Women's Day wanted to choose a symbol of Strength, Sensibility and Sensitivity for the occasion, and decided on the Mimosa Flower. 

Known for their hardiness, drought resistance and their ability to group together to form their own thickets, the Mimosa flower was the ideal choice to show appreciation for the strong women in their lives and have continued as a gift into the 21st Century. Elsewhere, often in Eastern Europe like Russia, roses are often used as an alternate to Mimosa Flower, it's estimated some popular Florist shops sell over 150,000 roses on March 8th alone. 

We've seen Valentine's Day last month as a romantic gesture for your partner, In March, On International Women’s Day, men and women give flowers to mothers, sisters, daughters, co-workers, along with wives and girlfriends.

You too can participate as well, on March 8, consider buying Flowers for the women in your life that empower you, or others. Flowers Gold Coast will be offering themed bouquets and Mimosa Flowers for this wonderful occasion. 

In my day to day interactions as a Female Business Owner, I often discuss business with other Florists and other Business owners, often women. We all know how difficult owning and operating a business can be, but we band together, sharing tips, discussing opportunities, and ultimately, despite often being competitors, help one another. 


From challenge comes change, so let's all choose to challenge.

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