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Weddings - 7 Essential Tips for Wedding Flowers

We often get asked "What do we need to consider for our Wedding Flowers" so we decided to list 7 Essential Tips that will help guide you down the path of all things Wedding Flowers in the lead up to your big day!


  1. Choose the Bridal Bouquet first;

    It's your big day! Bridal bouquets are the front and centre of the event, so it's best to choose the flowers and colours you want for your bouquet. Once the Bridal Bouquet has been decided, you can use that to choose complimentary colours and flowers for the rest of the bridal party.

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  2. Choose a Bouquet style to suit your dress and shape;

    Hopefully you aren't wearing a hoodie over your wedding dress, (it's not that cold on the Gold Coast!) so you want to ensure you have the right bouquet for the right wedding dress and it's shape & style is vital, so keep us in the loop what your dress will be looking like (we'll keep the groom away for this part!).

    Flowers Gold Coast | Best Florist | 7 Essential Tips for Wedding Flowers |
  3. Choose flowers that are in season;

    We love our Peonies & our poppies, but they're only available in some parts of the year! Import flowers are an option, and we may be able to get them for you, but, the quality is lower and the price is significantly higher, and the risk is that they may not even arrive on time due to Biosecurity checks! Choosing in-season options will mean your arrangements are picked recently, fresh & pretty, so they will last much longer, without a massive price tag.

  4. Don't get caught up too much with trends;

    It's all the rage but being "on trend" may be great now, but it won't be long before it could be looked back on by the kids wondering what was mum thinking! Not only that, but trendy flowers can often come with a higher price tag as they are often in demand for other Weddings happening around the same time. Picking Flowers that are what you want, and unique will look great for your Wedding Day!

    Flowers Gold Coast | Best Florist | 7 Essential Tips for Wedding Flowers |
  5. Don't don't go overboard!;

    Your wedding flowers are a compliment of you, the groom and your look for the day, not to take the limelight off you! If you have a gorgeous classic gown, a small simple bouquet will compliment without competing for attention. Don't hide yourself behind a mass of flowers and colours. Simple and elegant is the key. If you're after lots of flowers, consider an arbour or hanging installation to show off the flowers at the reception.

  6. Don't sweat the small stuff;

    Weddings are absolutely nuts, and you've already got enough on your plate! Consulting a florist like us at Flowers Gold Coast is the easiest way to remove questions, like how many petals are in the box of mixed rose petals! (yes that has been a question). Sweating the small stuff is only going to cost you time, energy and unnecessary stress. Leave it to us, we will ask the questions that are going to help us make your day the best one!

    Flowers Gold Coast | Best Florist | 7 Essential Tips for Wedding Flowers |
  7. Tell Us!

    Not sure if a flower is in season? or what colour a mum's corsage should be? Ask us! We are happy to answer any flower questions you have, have an idea or something you must have in your arrangements? Let us know! We are Qualified Florists, but unfortunately we didn't pass our Mind Reading Exams (apparently no one does!). We are happy to get your questions, queries and concerns but we need to know what you want to make your day perfect, so we can do it! The more questions you ask us and the more you let us know about what you want, the better we can ensure we create the wedding flowers for the special day you have dreamed of.

So what now?

Whether your Big Day is a Wedding or some other special event. You want as little hassle as possible as well as everything to look as perfect as possible. Well as self proclaimed perfectionists, we at Flowers Gold Coast understand perfectly what to do to make your special day one to remember.
Flowers Gold Coast offers Boutique Weddings and Events specifically tailored to your tastes and your budget. If you are seeking a Florist for your Wedding Flowers Gold Coast offers consultation to ensure that we get all those tiny details that you're after, or may have even forgotten, sorted out, so you can focus your attention on everything else! We will happily meet with you in person or via FaceTime/Zoom Call.
Whether it's a simple bridal bouquet, to a full Floral ensemble with Arbor, Flowers Gold Coast can help make your next wedding unforgettable. 
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