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What To Do When You Forgot It Was Valentine’s Day

Uh Oh. You're in trouble aren’t you? Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and you forgot to purchase flower arrangements for your Gold Coast amour. We understand, what is time really, especially at the moment. It’s not like you forgot on purpose. You were busy. Work has been crazy lately. Time flew by faster than you expected, and all of a sudden, it’s February 15th and your sweetheart is going to be heaving some heavy sighs in your direction.

What do you do? Well, believe it or not, you’re not the first person to call Flowers Gold Coast in a mad rush by forgetting about Valentine’s Day – and not all of those relationships went down in flames.  There’s a four step process you need to use at this point to make things better, drawn from the collective experience of the world’s leading relationship experts.

  1. Acknowledge the Situation.
    You’re not going to have much luck pretending that you don’t know now that you’ve forgotten Valentine’s Day. It might work in the movies, but you’re not going to be able to pull it off. Time to own it and say, “I can’t believe I did this, but I did forget it was Valentine’s Day.”

  2. Apologise.
    Depending on your relationship, whether it's a youthful crush, a longstanding partner, or a lifetime wife or husband it's possible that they had some expectations built up around Valentine’s Day. The right way – and the most romantic way, in our opinion – to handle this is with a sincere apology accompanied by the bouquet of Flowers Gold Coast's fresh cut flowers you would have given her had you not missed the big day.  If you're lucky, our Florist may be able to provide you with beautiful, hand-selected roses that are breathtakingly gorgeous.

  3. Address The Situation So It Won’t Happen Again.
    Valentine’s Day is all about making your sweetheart feel cherished and appreciated. But you don't need to wait until Valentines Day the following year. Flowers Gold Coast has Custom fresh flower arrangements available for every holiday, including their birthday, or on those oh-so-important “just because” days. Plus, just in case you don't remember until the 14th next year, Same day Flower delivery is available from Flowers Gold Coast throughout Gold Coast! Plus - you can always subscribe to our emails if you really need a reminder!

  4. Fix your mistakes. 
    It's time to fix the errors in your ways, a great way to do that is to ensure that your partner understands that it was a simple oversight, consider organising some last minute flowers to make up for it, organise a picnic or a movie at home. It's easy to say "I'll make up for it next year!"

    But remember, that's 364 days away. 
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