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What You Need to Know About Sending Flowers to a Gold Coast Hospital

Flowers shower a room in joy – a great gift for someone who is in the midst of a hospital stay. But there are some misconceptions around Flowers at a Hospital and some things you definitely should check beforehand.

There have been cases where people claim that Flowers are bad for patients’ health, but quite the opposite is actually true. Here’s all you need to know about sending flowers to any Gold Coast hospital:

  • Check the Ward will accept Flowers - not all Hospital Wards will allow Flowers for varying reasons, also check that Glass Vases are accepted.
  • If it's for a Newborn - sometimes the Mother checks in with their Maiden Name - always include as much detail as possible!
  • Ask if the patient or their roommate has allergies.
  • Send or bring fresh cut flowers so they fill room with joyful scents – smells do wonders for your wellbeing.
  • Colour coordinate for occasion – blue or pink for new babies, yellow to promote happiness, purple to instill power, or their favorite color. Make a bouquet with a assortment of colours that excite the mood.
  • Try to avoid food. If you want to add to your flowery gift, a great addition is one that makes them feel refreshed, like our Pamper Hampers or Tea Set.
  • Don’t believe the myths: flowers don’t take oxygen from the room but add much more.

Flowers Gold Coast Can Help!

If you don’t have time, or aren't too concerned with the aspects that go into sending flowers to a Gold Coast hospital, we can deliver them for you. We custom make fresh-floral bouquets precisely how you or your loved one prefers. 

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