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We are often asked at Flowers Gold Coast what sort of options are available to people who live in Apartments. Often Apartments have limited space, or are unable to be renovated or styled to match their occupant's style & choices.

We have found that the best options to brighten up your can often be Flowers, or Plants. Indoor Plants are able to come in many different shapes and sizes to suit your living space, cacti & succulents are small (or big) and require very little attention to ensure they grow and thrive. Slightly bigger plants such as Monstera & Peace Lillies are also good alternatives also. 

Most people however, have busy lives and get pretty forgetful (don't we all?) so another solution, which is probably the best option for your Apartment, Dried Flower Arrangements. Requiring no care whatsoever, apart from the occasional sprucing once every so often, Dried Flowers will last a significantly longer period of time than Fresh Flowers, or if you're pretty forgetful, some plants!

Dried Flowers have the option of being styled to suit your preferences or to match your current living environment, or, can help create a new environment! Take a look at the below photo from one of our clients, they bought one of our popular Tutti Fruitti Dried Flower Arrangements and commissioned a local artist to create an artwork piece to match the flowers because they loved it so much! 

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