Who is Flowers Gold Coast?

Beautiful Fresh Flowers

Our Flowers are designed to suit any occasion, with the most important thing in our mind, our customers. 

Our Products mean something to our customers, so we spend time, care and consideration in ensuring that this becomes a reality through our products. 

Whether you're after a small bouquet, or something grandiose that is to surely blow away! Our wide variety of Flower Styles, Colours & Sizings will meet your every need.

Long Lasting Dried Flowers

Our carefully curated Dried Flowers are popular for those wanting long lasting Flowers that can enhance a living space, or to showcase for their next event.

Dried Flowers are a great way to send Flowers, with a bit of difference away from the typical for those who love a rustic vibe!

Delivered locally, or shipped across the East Coast, our Dried Flowers are a popular choice.

Hampers & Bundles

Whether it be to welcome or farewell someone within your Organisation, send well wishes for an event, or perhaps to provide a spark to that new flame, our Hampers & Bundles are a joy to be received (and to be sent)!

With a Bouquet of Flowers to certain Hampers, you're getting the best of everything. Looking for Simplicity? We have you covered with our Easy Flower & Goodie Bundles.


Events & Weddings

We don't just stop at Flower Delivery, Flowers Gold Coast offers unique, treasured & personal Event & Wedding Flower Solutions. Having worked with some Beautiful Couples & Big Brands, we cater our options to suit your needs. Whether it be Intimate or the biggest event in town, we will work closely with you to make it happen. 


So Who Are We?

We're Flowers Gold Coast, happily working behind the scenes to make your next bouquet the best it can be. We're here for you for every special moment, happy, sad, or anything in between. We're your local florist, here for locals.

We offer Flower Delivery across the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales 

We hope to see you soon!

Vaiana & Sam and the Flowers Gold Coast Team

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