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Flower of the Month: Banksia

Banksia's are a pretty important flower used in a bunch of our Dried Flower Arrangements at Flowers Gold Coast. As a Florist, Banksias are a great accompaniment in a bouquet, able to act as their own standalone feature piece or in combination with some gorgeous Flowers and Foliage. 

Banksia are an Australian Native Flower and is actually a genus of approximately 170 species in their family. Banksias are known for their flower spikes and cone-like head shapes. As a plant they can range from heights of 30 metres down to a household shrub size. 

Flowers Gold Coast loves Banksia not only for their gorgeous shape and features, but also their ability to feature as a "Fresh" or "Dried" flower in our Fresh Flowers or Dried Flower Arrangements.

One of the special features we love about Banksias as well are their significant importance within Australia's ecosystem their growing significance heavily features within South East Queensland, the Gold Coast and large parts of New South Wales. Bankisas are significant nectar producers and assist sustain Birdlife & the important Bee Life across Australia - an important necessity for us Florists!

Pick up or Delivered across the Gold Coast, Flowers Gold Coast can have Banksias added to your arrangement to provide a bit of Native joy! 

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