Flower of the Month: Dahlia

Dahlias are stunning flowers, adored for their geometric patterns. At Flowers Gold Coast have been using them in our bouquets recently within our Florist Choice Bunches but they've also been making appearances in our Cafes in Broadbeach, Southport, Chirn Park & Molendinar!

But did you know there are some things about Dahlias that have even horticulturists mixed up about? Read on to find out!

Dahlia's are native to Mexico and Central America, but are adored around the world  not for their scent, but their bright colours and fantastic geometric patterns many of the subspecies create. Originally, the tubers were used as a food crop by the Aztecs but have since died out as a major food source only really being used in some parts of Central America as a method to flavour beverages as one type of the Dahlia species creates a mocha tase from their tubers when roasted!

With over 14 Groups of Dahlias across the globe, we tend to see within the Floral Industry only 4-5 types of Dahlias. Take a look below!

Single-flowered dahlias — Flower has a central disc with a single outer ring of florets (which may overlap) encircling it, and which may be rounded or pointed.

Dahlia - Flowers Gold Coast

Waterlily dahlias — Double blooms, broad sparse curved, slightly curved or flat florets and very shallow in depth compared with other dahlias. Depth less than half the diameter of the bloom.Dahlia - Flowers Gold Coast

Pompon dahlias— Double spherical miniature flowers made up entirely from florets that are curved inwards for their entire length, resembling a pompon.

Dahlia - Flowers Gold Coast

Ball dahlias — Double blooms that are ball shaped or slightly flattened. Ray florets blunt or rounded at the tips, margins arranged spirally, involute for at least seventy five percent of the length of the florets. Larger than Pompons.

Dahlia - Flowers Gold Coast

Semi cactus dahlias — Double blooms, very pointed ray florets, revolute for greater than twenty five percent and less than fifty percent of their longitudinal axis. Broad at the base and straight or incurved, almost spiky in appearance.

Dahlia - Flower's Gold Coast

But what has horticulturists confused? Well, Dahlia's are actually a composite flower head, meaning it's made up of florets, and not petals! Each Floret is it's own flower, often mixed up by even the best horticulturists!

Whether you buy them for yourself, or get some flowers delivered to your door across the Gold Coast, you'll see these Geometrically Perfect Dahlia's appearing into our arrangements made fresh by the team at Flowers Gold Coast! 

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