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Flower of the Month - January: Carnation

We've featured her before, but this January's Flower of the Month goes to the stunning Carnation. Carnations are gorgeous Flowers that we use frequently in our Fresh Flower Bouquets made by the Florist team at Flowers Gold Coast. 

Where did Carnations get their Name?

Known as the "Flowers of the Gods" or, "Heavenly Flowers", Carnations get their name from Greek naming of the Flower, often likened to Zeus, the God of the Sky. 

Carnations Come in Almost Every Colour

Did you know you can change the colour of a Carnation? Florists & growers and Flower enthusiasts have been changing colours of Carnations for centuries with the aid of dyes. 

Want to do it yourself? You can do it from your home easily enough!

  • Grab a light coloured Carnation (preferably white)
  • Add 20-30 drops of Food Colour into a glass of water.
  • Put the Stem of the Carnation into the Glass for about 24 hours
  • You'll wake up the next day with a beautifully coloured carnation!

Carnations are Edible

Carnations come in all sizes and colours and are even edible! While we don't recommend eating your bouquet from Flowers Gold Coast, you can have Carnations added to Cake Toppers or edible decorations for Deserts or Salads. We've even spotted them being added to flavour different wines and spirits (and have been doing so for over 400 years)!

Carnations are long lasting

Loved for their ability to hold their life, long after they are cut, Carnations are great for long lasting fresh flowers that won't die quickly. 

Carnations have been known to be able to hold their Flowers for up to two years! When cut from the ground Carnations often last two to three weeks, occasionally longer depending on their conditions. 

Where you can find Carnations

Flowers Gold Coast Florist Team loves using Carnations in their bouquets and uses them whenever they are available and in season, you can find them in your bouquets when purchasing select arrangements for Flower Delivery on the Gold Coast. 

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