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Flower of the Month: Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw is a uniquely Australian Flower hailing from Western Australia and is widely loved due to its unusual shape and beautiful colourations. You'll often see the Kangaroo Paw in our Native Arrangements. 

Family:  Haemodoraceae

Genus: Anigozanthos

Origin: Australia

Availability:  Almost all year round. 

In the wild the flower colours range from red and green through various shades of reds and yellows to the black and green of the Macropidia fuliginosa.

The common name for "Kangaroo paw" was taken from it’s uncanny similarity to the animals paw, whilst the botanical name of Anigozanthos comes from the Greek “anies” meaning uneven and “Anthos” meaning flower. This would seemingly refer to the uneven stems which hold the flowers at all angles.

Kangaroo Paw is a stunning Australian native, endemic to Western Australia. The vibrant array of colours it can be found in give the sculptural stems even more interest. We love the unique design of this flower and the flair it grants our bouquets. Kangaroo Paw in the garden is a fantastic source of food for native birds but if they’ll spare you a stem or two the flowers can bring an earthy yet modern point of interest to your home.

How to get the most out of them: Kangaroo Paw are wonderful on their own or mixed into a bouquet:

  1. Purchase when partially open.
  2. Remove any leaves with black marks (this is common with Kangaroo Paw).
  3. Clear leaves from the lower half of the stem.
  4. Recut stems with sharp secateurs and immediately place in water.
  5. Use preservative and replenish with fresh water every day.
  6. Keep away from sunlight and draughts, hot or cold.
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