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5 Flowers to add to your Australian Easter Flower Bouquets this Year!

Easter is nearly here! Parent's here is your warning! If you haven't noticed the hot cross buns on the shelf only minutes after Christmas has finished (seriously - why is this a thing?), then here's your final warning!

For some people, Easter is an important time for their spiritual & religious beliefs, a time for reflection, for others, that extra long weekend is great for time with the family or friends (take your preference!), and if you ask the little ones, for those that have them, it's all about the Easter Bunny and that wonderful delicious chocolate that is brought along with them.

For me at least, as it tends to be with most public holidays, it's about the Flowers. But there is a tricky thing being a florist in Australia that doesn't really happen much elsewhere in the Western World. Australian Easter is in the wrong season. Overseas up north in Europe, America & the United Kingdom, Easter is a wonderful spring bloom time of year. Easter here in Australia, specifically the Gold Coast, teases us with the name of Autumn, but keeps the remnants of the heat and autumn rains before we get those precious two or three weeks of Winter Coolness! 

So you have your family and friends over this easter, you've got the food sorted, but your house is missing that little something, you have the chocolate, you've hidden the eggs around the house, what could you possibly have missing for the big day? 

Well, given you're reading a blog on a Florist's website, I won't gamble any money on you guessing, but Flowers is the final piece that will bring your Easter Decorating ensemble together. We've collected together 5 flower varieties that are available in Australia this Easter to help you pick the best Easter Flower Arrangement. 


Tulips are a great option for Easter Weekend, especially if it's not too hot like it has been recently. Their bulbs open up slowly over a number of days, and if you time it right, could land you some "wow's" on Easter Sunday. Their varied colours paired with that luscious green that they're known for, will certainly do you well. Pair Tulips in a nice tall glass vase to showcase them off the best. 

Tulips | Easter Flowers Florist | Flowers Gold Coast | www.flowersgoldcoast.com.au


Another tall Flower, these flowers often follow that gorgeous Purple or Blue tones that are often associated with at Easter, can be used as a standalone or paired with some wholesome flowers & foliage to create an impact. If you're doing a full on event, we've even seen some clients use them as a table setting on top of the plates at a 45º angle. A nice touch with a bit of something for your guests to take home perhaps!

Delphinium | Easter Flowers Florist | Flowers Gold Coast | www.flowersgoldcoast.com.au


Where would we be without Roses? While we would strongly recommend you seek out local roses where possible (Check out our post on Import Roses here), Roses are just a gorgeous flower loved by almost everyone, we recommend having them as they are in a medium sided glass vase at various locations, or in common areas to act as a conversation starter, but also one to admire upon as you digest that yummy Easter lunch!

Roses | Easter Flowers Florist | Flowers Gold Coast | www.flowersgoldcoast.com.au


Carnations  are great value and come in a great range of soft shades & colours to suit your Easter Theme. Able to be used as a standalone, or used in a bunch, they also hold up quite well in hot conditions, so if the temps are high, these will be fine to stay fresh and healthy over the four day holiday. Check out that pink beauty in one of our bunches!

Carnations | Easter Flowers Florist | Flowers Gold Coast | www.flowersgoldcoast.com.au

Easter Daisy

Apt for their name, Easter Daisy is a small white bloom that comes around once a year, conveniently, Easter (Funny that isn't it!) Easter Daisy's are basically the smaller counterpart to their cousin - the daisy. These again, like most of the Flowers above can be purchased by themselves to make a wholesome arrangement to fill up your jars or vases, or can be added to a bouquet arrangement also. If you can't source them, Chrysanthemums are a fantastic alternative too!

Easter Daisy | Easter Flowers Florist | Flowers Gold Coast | www.flowersgoldcoast.com.au

So this ties up our Easter Flower Round up in Australia this year! We hope you like the Flowers above, and have a safe and enjoyable easter, however you prefer to spend it! The flowers above often come in a wide variety of colours and shades that will best suit what you're after when it comes to matching your event theme & colour schemes!

Flowers Gold Coast will be open most of Easter, so get in early to ensure you're all covered off before the last minute rush. 

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